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Conditions & Policies


At DESIGN TOOL 5– the company, we offer different types of online and digital services to companies and agencies to grow their business. Being client and user of our service, you are bound to the condition that DESIGN TOOL 5 has the right to offer one or more than one service at a time. At this platform, we offer a range of service including but not limited to the design of logo, website, and mobile app, development of website, software and mobile app. We also offer online and digital marketing service as well as printing service online. Clients can avail these services by reaching us through live chat on the web or email id given on the website. You can also reach us through a contact us or inquiry form. When you reach us for a specific service, we give a quote according to your requirements.


Once we agree to the quote, we issue you a payment link and share order code with you which you can use to track the progress of the order. After placing the order, if you intend to change the requirements or add new things in your requirements, the amount will increase accordingly. Client agrees to bear that amount. DESIGN TOOL 5 holds the right to cancel or terminate or modify the order with or without any notice. Client agrees to make the initial payment of the order when placing the order. Client agrees to make the payment in half or full and pay the remaining amount of the order before the final delivery of the order. Client agrees that the payment he or she makes is exclusive of 6% sales tax. You also agree that you will make the payment via offered online payment modes such as bank transfer, CashApp, and PayPal. 


DESIGN TOOL 5 holds the right to cancel any order with or without any reason or notice. The client can also cancel their order, but cancellation request must be made within 12 hours of placing the order. Any cancellation request made after 12 hours will not be entertained. Cancellation request will not be entertained if the order is already processed immediately after placing the order. No cancellation request will be entertained if not made in written and sent via email. After receiving your cancellation request, we will process the request and funds will be reimbursed in your account in 3 to 4 business days. You agree to bear the cancellation fee 10% of the total order amount. 


A client can request a refund in writing. You also agree to claim refund only when order is not delivered on the deadline or delivered order is not satisfactory. After receiving your claim request we will assess the request and will decide if the claim is valid. After the verification process, we will reimburse your amount in 3 to 4 business days. You can also claim a refund only within 7 days of receiving the order. If a refund claim is made after 7 days of delivery, the request will not be entertained. The client also agrees to provide a rational reason.


At DESIGN TOOL 5, we collect your personal information to deliver you customized service. We also collect data related to your searching and browsing behavior through COOKIE. COOKIE is a small data file that store in your system to store certain data e.g. browser name, browser history, and IP address. While placing an order, we may ask you to provide your personal information as well such as name, email, phone number, address, and project requirements. We utilize this information for reaching you. DESIGN TOOL 5 assures that your personal information will be protected and will not be shared with the third party.