Term and Conditions

Term and condition given here governsthe use of services offered by DesignTool5 and material used on the website.  In the document, the term“we” or“us” refers to DesignTool5 and“you” or“your” refers to our clients and users. Service agreement between DeisgnTool5 and user will exist based on the general terms and conditions including eligibility, access, use and service, refund and cancellation, ownership, and right to use and disclaimers, indemnification, limitations of liability.

Eligibility, Access, Use and Service

You’re required to agree to access our website for placing the order:

  1. You must register on our websiteto avail our services.
  2. It is essential for you to provide complete, accurate, and current information inregistration form.
  3. We are working online,therefore;we are not ensuring you to provide any protection for our services.
  4. Your relationship with us is just of business type andwe are providing services independently.So, there is no clue of joint venture or partnership.
  5. Nobody has the authority to avail our services without our permission, use information of our websiteor access to our web page illegally.

Refund, Cancellation

In following circumstances, we maintain the rules of refunding and cancellation of your project orders:

  1. We have the authority to cancel any orderor suspendany service without any prior notice.
  2. Our company has the right to terminate or suspend your order in case of non-payment.
  3. In case you cancel your project, we are not authorized to refund payment.
  4. We have the authority to cancel any project if you haveprovided any wrong information in agreement.

Ownership Rights to Use

In following conditions, company has the authority to use ownership rights:

  1. We have the ownership right to disclose any personal information of client in case of legal requirement or any other requirement of company.
  2. Our company has the ownership rights to change or cancel any service package on any time or change the privacy policy.
  3. We have the authority to change the URL or domain of our website; in that case you may face difficulty for accessing,
  4. We have the authority to terminate or suspend your membership if we face any problem because of your feedback.
  5. We have the authority to change the deadline date of any delivery.

Disclaimers, Indemnification& Limitations of Liability

In the policies of disclaimer, indemnification, limitation, and liability, following rules are applied:

  1. We do not make any warranty if our website is interrupting or showing errors.
  2. According to our termand condition, company is not liable for any leakage of personal information, any criminal act,or any unauthorized statement.
  3. According to our term and condition, we have authority toprovide the limitation of deadline for delivering the order.
  4. We are not liable for any incidental, direct, indirect damage of website arising out in connecting of website. 

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